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Cincinnati Ranks as Top Bike City

The 2016 biennial list from Bicycling.com shows Cincinnati ranked 36th out of 50 bike-friendly US cities. This year and since 2014, Cincinnati has seen a dramatic increase in bikeability, due to Red Bike and the Central Parkway bike lane, being hailed the 3rd fastest growing biking community in the US.

As Challenges Persist For Central Parkway Bike Lane, Cyclists Look to Organize

As the number of people bicycling in Cincinnati continues to increase, so has the political rhetoric surrounding investments proposed for bike infrastructure. Local groups are now jockeying to get position on these issues.

1940s Era OTR Auto Repair Shop Being Transformed Into Bar and Beer Garden

Developers are working on a renovation to a throwback auto repair shop on the edge of Over-the-Rhine that will transform the space into a bar with a large outdoor beer garden.

Cincinnati’s Growth in Bicycle Commuters Third Fastest in America

After more than a decade of explosive bicycle ridership growth, Cincinnati now has the highest percentage of bike commuters of any city in Ohio, and is adding bike commuters at one of the fastest rates in America.

VIDEO: The Easy and Inexpensive Way For Cincinnati To Make Its Streets Safer

Cincinnati has made modest improvements to its bicycle network over the years, but its roadway network is still largely inhospitable to anyone not behind the wheel of a car. Here's how to fix that.