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Roughly 39% of Hamilton County’s Workforce Commutes From Outside of County

According to data from the U.S. Census Bureau, Hamilton County has a higher than normal percentage of people commuting in and out of it each day for work.

How Do You Want OKI To Shape Future of Region’s Transport Network?

OKI Regional Council of Governments is in the process of updating its regional transportation plan. The metropolitan planning organization says they'll be accepting public feedback until January 8.

Cincinnati’s Growth in Bicycle Commuters Third Fastest in America

After more than a decade of explosive bicycle ridership growth, Cincinnati now has the highest percentage of bike commuters of any city in Ohio, and is adding bike commuters at one of the fastest rates in America.

The Location of Every Job in Cincinnati Mapped

Cincinnati is often defined by its east/west divide, but when examining the region's population and job distribution, another reality comes into picture.

Columbus is not the biggest city in Ohio, and Indy’s not bigger than Boston

If one were to simply look at the Census Bureau's listing of the most populous cities in America, you might be fooled into thinking that Jacksonville is a bigger city than Boston, or that Columbus is three times larger than Cincinnati. It's not true.