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Cincinnati’s $109M Capital Acceleration Plan Ignores Adopted Bike Policy

City officials are celebrating the start of the new $109M Capital Acceleration Plan intended to upgrade the city's vehicle fleet and roadways. Such a large investment offers many opportunities, just not for bicyclists.

As Challenges Persist For Central Parkway Bike Lane, Cyclists Look to Organize

As the number of people bicycling in Cincinnati continues to increase, so has the political rhetoric surrounding investments proposed for bike infrastructure. Local groups are now jockeying to get position on these issues.

City Officials Gathering Public Feedback On $718,000 Westwood Trail Extension

City officials are moving forward with a half-mile extension of Westwood Trail from its current loop at Dunham Creation Center to Western Sports Mall on Glenhills Way.

City Planners Recommend Transportation Overlay District for Wasson Railroad Corridor

City planners have completed their land use study of the Wasson Railroad Corridor and have recommended the creation of a Transportation Overlay District to preserve the corridor for both future rail transit and a bike/ped trail.

EDITORIAL: What Cranley’s Clever Budget Means for Urbanists

The rookie Mayor John Cranley has proposed his first budget. At first glance, it doesn't look so bad. But after further review what most feared is in fact the sad reality.