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As Challenges Persist For Central Parkway Bike Lane, Cyclists Look to Organize

As the number of people bicycling in Cincinnati continues to increase, so has the political rhetoric surrounding investments proposed for bike infrastructure. Local groups are now jockeying to get position on these issues.

Despite Progress, Cincinnati Not Viewed for Policy Leadership Across America

Despite significant progress over the past decade, Cincinnati still does not register as a policy leader for mayors across America. This finding and more come from a survey of 89 mayors of varying sized cities in the U.S.

VIDEO: Mayeul Akpovi Takes His Photographic Magic to Lyon

After producing an internationally acclaimed, four-part series on Paris, Mayeul Akpovi has done it again with a jaw-dropping time lapse video of Lyon. Why hasn't the CVB bought this guy a round trip plane ticket to Cincinnati yet?

What Does Cincinnati’s Nativity Rating Mean for Its Long-Term Migration Prospects?

Cincinnati's international migration rate lags behind most major metropolitan regions, but it also has a fairly stagnant domestic migration rate. What does it mean for the region's long-term migration prospects, and what can be done about it?

Mingle with Aaron Renn at This Month’s URBANexchange on 4/10

As the weather warms up we are coming back to the Moerlein Lager House for April's URBANexchange. This month we welcome special guest Aaron Renn, the Urbanophile.