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Hamilton Looking At Possibility of Developing Urban Trail on City’s West Side

With the closing of Champion Paper Mill on Hamilton's west side, a former freight rail corridor is now no longer needed, and city officials are looking at what it might take to acquire and turn the space into an urban trail.

PHOTOS: Atlanta Resumes Streetcar Operations After 65-Year Hiatus

Atlanta began operations of their initial $90M modern streetcar line yesterday in the city's central business district and King Historic District. The system welcomed capacity crowds and renewed optimism in a struggling part of downtown.

UrbanCincy’s Q/A With Metro’s New Transit Boss: Dwight Ferrell

The Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority (SORTA) announced their selection for a new Chief Executive Officer and General Manager, to fill Terry Garcia Crews’...

City Planners Recommend Transportation Overlay District for Wasson Railroad Corridor

City planners have completed their land use study of the Wasson Railroad Corridor and have recommended the creation of a Transportation Overlay District to preserve the corridor for both future rail transit and a bike/ped trail.

APA14: Atlanta and Its Evolving Relationship with Urbanism

For an urbanist, Atlanta at first glance is a conundrum. Subway stations that seem to feed park and rides, buildings that barely front the street and streets with no crosswalks where pedestrians play a dangerous game of Frogger just to cross to the other side are all typical occurrences in the city.