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Hamilton Looking At Possibility of Developing Urban Trail on City’s West Side

With the closing of Champion Paper Mill on Hamilton's west side, a former freight rail corridor is now no longer needed, and city officials are looking at what it might take to acquire and turn the space into an urban trail.

CORE Looking to Spread Redevelopment Activity Beyond Downtown Hamilton

The Consortium for Ongoing Reinvestment Efforts has, so far, been incredibly successful with their redevelopment efforts in downtown Hamilton. Now they're looking to take that success across the river to Main Street.

Hamilton Looking For Public Input on Annual Action Plan

Hamilton city officials are looking for public feedback on a list of items that will help form the city's action plan over the next year. The results will be included with applications for funds and assistance from HUD.

$8.5M East High Gateway Project to be Completed This Summer

After months of delay, project officials say they are in the home stretch of an $8.5M project that Hamilton city officials hope will transform its primary business corridor.

Marcum Park To Be Built Along Great Miami River Thanks to $3.5M Donation

A $3.5M donation will help fund the construction of a long-planned park in Hamilton's German Village neighborhood. The realization of the park will substantially advance the transformation of the brownfield site previously occupied by Mercy Hospital.