Parking mandates stymy development in Cincinnati’s urban neighborhoods

Public policy surrounding parking has not changed much since mandates were originally developed through zoning codes decades ago. Those minimum parking requirements now not only appear to be outdated, but also hurting small businesses wanting to invest in urban neighborhoods across America.

Over-the-Rhine is not one of nation’s most dangerous neighborhoods

Walletpop.com has released a phony report listing the nation's 25 most dangerous neighborhoods. Unfortunately, Cincinnati's local media has decided to once again jump all over the inclusion of a portion of Over-the-Rhine on that list without first doing any fact-checking.

MetroMoves: A Decade Later

Cincinnati's 2002 MetroMoves plan called for five regional light rail lines, modern streetcars, and an overhauled regional bus system. After failing to pass with voters ten years ago, how is Cincinnati positioned for such a proposal today?

Cincinnati Region Seems Interested by Merger of Local Governments

Our editorial about consolidating local governments has created a lot of buzz. UrbanCincy owner and managing editor, Randy Simes, joined Scott Sloan on 700WLW yesterday to further discuss the issue.

City of Covington Gathering Public Input On How to Spend CDBG Funds

The City of Covington is currently gathering public input on how to spend federal funds provided to the Northern Kentucky community through HUD's Community Development Block Grants.