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Cincinnati’s $109M Capital Acceleration Plan Ignores Adopted Bike Policy

City officials are celebrating the start of the new $109M Capital Acceleration Plan intended to upgrade the city's vehicle fleet and roadways. Such a large investment offers many opportunities, just not for bicyclists.

As Challenges Persist For Central Parkway Bike Lane, Cyclists Look to Organize

As the number of people bicycling in Cincinnati continues to increase, so has the political rhetoric surrounding investments proposed for bike infrastructure. Local groups are now jockeying to get position on these issues.

Cincinnati Bringing Neighborhood Enhancement Program to Lower Price Hill, Mt. Auburn

The City of Cincinnati has announced that it will take its award-winning Neighborhood Enhancement Program to Lower Price Hill and Mt. Auburn this year.

Pay-by-Phone Technology Now Available for Cincinnati’s Parking Meters

Years after the original parking modernization agreement was put forward, Cincinnati is finally moving forward with modern payment options on its more than 4,000 parking meters city-wide.

Car-Sharing Could Reduce Costs, Improve Efficiency of Cincinnati’s Vehicle Fleet

Car-sharing entered the Cincinnati market years ago, but it has remained relatively stagnant since that time. With City Hall preparing to upgrade its fleet of vehicles, now is the time to consider a different approach.