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Is Cincy RedBike America’s Most Financially Successful Bike-Share System?

For the first time since it launched nearly two years ago, Red Bike has released its financial details. While other bike-share systems around the country have struggled financially, Red Bike appears to be bucking the trend.

Finding Inspiration From Seoul For Cincinnati’s Public Staircases

Inspired by Philadelphia's mural program in 2007, Cincinnati set out to establish its own to help brighten its neighborhoods. Since that time it has accomplished much, but what if ArtWorks tackled public steps instead of walls for a summer?

53T Hoping to Breathe New Life Into Cincinnati’s Bike Courier Industry

The bike courier industry has been reeling in recent years as electronic forms of communication have become more widespread and reliable, but a local duo is hoping to revive the industry with a new approach.

Month in Review – November 2014

In November, UrbanCincy readers enjoyed a collection of beautiful aerial photos of Cincinnati taken by Brian Spitzig. Two articles about the redevelopment of the...

Check Out These 14 Amazing Images of Cincinnati’s Inner City Neighborhoods

Cincinnati is known for its beautiful neighborhoods, but this incredible collection of aerial photographs will leave you truly impressed with the city's beauty.