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Episode #60: 2015 in Review (Part 2)

The UrbanCincy Team discusses the Liberty Street Road Diet, the need for bike lanes (or lack thereof), the role of industry along the Mill Creek valley, and Queensgate's future.

The Location of Every Job in Cincinnati Mapped

Cincinnati is often defined by its east/west divide, but when examining the region's population and job distribution, another reality comes into picture.

Report Finds Homelessness Is Decreasing in Hamilton County and Cincinnati

Efforts by area agencies to combat homelessness appear to be working. According to a newly released study, homelessness levels decreased throughout Hamilton County in 2014, and reached levels not seen since 2010.

The History of NYC’s Landmarks Law and Modern Day Preservation Movements

The modern day Penn Station beneath NYC's Madison Square Garden is roundly considered a total disaster, but it always hasn't been that way. The demolition of the historic Penn Station, perhaps, led to the modern day style of historic preservation we now know.

Lower Price Hill’s MetroWest Site Looking for Someone to Follow

City officials have their sights set on redeveloping the former Queen City Barrel site in Lower Price Hill. The problem, however, is that it seems their vision doesn't address what neighborhood residents want, or what economists prescribe.