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Here’s How to Improve Access Between Ohio and Kentucky’s East/West Neighborhoods

The Cincinnati region doesn't really suffer from much, if any, true congestion. It does, however, suffer from poor access and mobility options, particularly around the Ohio River. Here's a way to fix that.

City Planners Recommend Transportation Overlay District for Wasson Railroad Corridor

City planners have completed their land use study of the Wasson Railroad Corridor and have recommended the creation of a Transportation Overlay District to preserve the corridor for both future rail transit and a bike/ped trail.

Cincinnati Aims to Break Ground on Next Phase of Ohio River Trail in June...

City officials are making progress on the Ohio River Trail, but the next 2.2-mile segment, along Kellogg Avenue, will not even break ground until June 2017.

EDITORIAL: Cincinnati Leaders Should Rethink Planned Rail, Trail Systems

City and regional leaders should maintain the natural beauty of the Ohio River and turn the Oasis Line into an attractive recreational trail that can connect into existing trail networks to the east, and the Wasson Line should be preserved for light rail use in the future.

Breaking Down Cincinnati’s Eastern Corridor Passenger Rail Plan

Talks have started anew for the long-proposed passenger rail component of Hamilton County's Eastern Corridor multi-modal transportation plan. With new technologies and data now available, are DMUs operating along the riverfront Oasis Line the best transit solution to move people throughout the eastern portions of the county?