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EDITORIAL: Parking Requirement Removal Should Be First Step In Broader Reform

Six years since the concept was first introduced at City Hall, the City of Cincinnati is planning to move forward with removing on-street parking requirements in the city's urban core. This could be a huge step forward towards reinvigorating parts of downtown.

Car-Sharing Could Reduce Costs, Improve Efficiency of Cincinnati’s Vehicle Fleet

Car-sharing entered the Cincinnati market years ago, but it has remained relatively stagnant since that time. With City Hall preparing to upgrade its fleet of vehicles, now is the time to consider a different approach.

Episode #46: 2014 in Review

Randy, John, and Travis take a look back at 2014's biggest stories, including the emergence of the Northern Liberties and the introduction of Uber and Lyft in Cincinnati. We discuss what to expect next year, including new residential developments and an expansion of Red Bike.

Zipcar Holding Tight in Cincinnati While Making Changes Elsewhere

Car sharing arrived in Cincinnati late when Zipcar finally launched services at the University of Cincinnati in 2011. The company has expanded slightly since then, but otherwise has not changed amidst a rapidly changing car sharing economy.

The days of the two-car household may soon be behind us

The days of the two-car household may soon be behind us. As VMT continues to flat line and even decline, it also appears that car...