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Opinion: A Boulevard for Brent Spence Bridge Exit

What if the street grid in Covington's Hamburger Heaven could be reimagined as a more pedestrian-oriented experience? Guest contributor Chris Meyer illustrates his idea and opportunity through the region's chapter of the Congress for the New Urbanism.

Covington Embraces Idea of Transforming On-Street Parking Into Public Spaces

Over the last several months designers have been putting together ideas to transform on-street parking into public gathering places in Covington. Five winning projects have been selected and will soon be installed.

With many cities no longer interested in hosting mega events, what’s the future for...

With many cities no longer interested in hosting mega events, what's the future for the Olympics and World Cup?. Cincinnati make an unlikely bid for...

Columbus is not the biggest city in Ohio, and Indy’s not bigger than Boston

If one were to simply look at the Census Bureau's listing of the most populous cities in America, you might be fooled into thinking that Jacksonville is a bigger city than Boston, or that Columbus is three times larger than Cincinnati. It's not true.

Should Cincinnati look to Chicago’s new ARO for affordable housing guidance?

Should Cincinnati look to Chicago's new ARO for affordable housing guidance?. Cincinnati has experienced rising property values in a handful Census tracts in recent years, while...