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Opinion: A Boulevard for Brent Spence Bridge Exit

What if the street grid in Covington's Hamburger Heaven could be reimagined as a more pedestrian-oriented experience? Guest contributor Chris Meyer illustrates his idea and opportunity through the region's chapter of the Congress for the New Urbanism.

Final Designs Revealed for Long-Envisioned Northside Transit Center

Metro has been working with community partners over the past year to put together designs for the planned Northside Transit Center. The final design, produced by MSA Architects, has now been revealed.

Ohio Maintains Position As Nation’s 16th Best State for Bicyclists

Ohio has held steady at #16 in the latest rankings from the League of American Bicyclists. While the state has made some progress, the ranking says that Ohio struggles most with its evaluation and planning for bicycling infrastructure.

Complete Streets are more equitable, safer and improve economic outcomes

Complete Streets are more equitable, safer and improve economic outcomes. Over the past several years the idea of taking a new approach toward designing our...

Designs for Two-Way Street Conversion in East Walnut Hills Nearly Complete

City planners and engineers have been working away on concepts that would transform William Howard Taft Road and E. McMillan Street into streets with two-way travel. Nearly finished, city officials are now looking for one more round of feedback.