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Opinion: A Boulevard for Brent Spence Bridge Exit

What if the street grid in Covington's Hamburger Heaven could be reimagined as a more pedestrian-oriented experience? Guest contributor Chris Meyer illustrates his idea and opportunity through the region's chapter of the Congress for the New Urbanism.

Episode #36: Summer Update

On the 36th episode of The UrbanCincy Podcast, John and Jake join Travis in the studio for an update on several major transportation projects happening around the region.

Episode #7: Politicization of Transportation

Angie Schmidt of Rust Wire and StreetsBlog joins the UrbanCincy team to discuss what happens when transportation investments become highly politicized. We discuss Representative Steve Chabot's attempt to block federal funding for light rail and "fixed guideway" projects in Cincinnati; Governor John Kasich's rejection of federal funding for the 3C Corridor high-speed rail project; and Hamilton County's efforts to block sewer upgrades contemporaneous with the Cincinnati Streetcar project. We also discuss the contradiction between rural highways and rural flights being fully funded while urban highway and bridge projects (Brent Spence Bridge, I-75) are delayed or struggle to receive funding.