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CNU’s 2018 Transportation Summit: Lessons for Greater Cincinnati

CNU’s 2018 Transportation Summit was September 16-17 in New Orleans. The purpose of the summit was to bring together people focused on the revitalization...

PHOTOS: The Impressive Impact of Smale Riverfront Park

The latest addition to Smale Riverfront Park was showcased during the recent All-Star Game festivities, but it has continued to be a major draw after the big event.

Take a Look at These 20 Breathtaking Photos of Cincinnati’s Center City

You may often get great views of the center city while walking around and exploring, but many have never seen the city like this.

Episode #40: Fort Washington Way

John Schneider joins us to talk about the history of the Fort Washington Way rebuild. We discuss many of the advanced features that were built into the new stretch of highway and how it allowed Cincinnati to redesign its riverfront.

Construction Pace Picking Up on $120M Smale Riverfront Park Project

The nice weather has allowed for construction pace to pick-up on the next phases of Smale Riverfront Park. In the latest video update, project manager Dave Prather walks viewers through what's new and what's to come.