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Cincinnati Central Riverfront Plan wins national award for excellence

First laid out in 1997, the Cincinnati Central Riverfront Plan has been guiding the massive transformation of the city's waterfront ever since. Its implementation is getting attention and has earned an award of excellence from the American Planning Association.

Episode #12: Cincinnati’s Form-Based Code

Cincinnati's Vice Mayor Roxanne Qualls joins the UrbanCincy team to discuss the city's adoption of a form-based code. We also discuss the city's new comprehensive plan, and how projects like the two-waying of Taft and McMillan Streets in Walnut Hills can add to the livability of Cincinnati's urban neighborhoods.

Cincinnati officials are looking for design ideas as they work to cap urban highway

A new design competition, called Connect The Blocks, is looking for ideas about what to do with the space above Fort Washington Way in downtown Cincinnati. After much investment nearby, city officials are looking to cap the sunken stretch of highway.

The time is ripe for a central intercity bus terminal in Cincinnati

Intercity bus travel is booming, especially in the Midwest. Megabus, Greyhound Express and BoltBus are all now jockeying for position as travelers ditch their cars for trips between 200 to 500 miles in length. Cincinnati's Riverfront Transit Center offers an opportunity to provide a central, consolidated bus terminal for these travelers.

Cincinnati’s dramatic, multi-billion dollar riverfront revitalization nearly complete

After decades of planning and work, Cincinnati's dramatic riverfront transformation is nearly complete. Two new professional sports venues, two museums, a reconstructed highway, transit center, park and more are now beginning to entertain thousands of new residents, workers and visitors alike.