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Month in Review – July 2010

July was an exciting month in Cincinnati, with lots of news on major construction projects in the urban core. Check out a run down of UrbanCincy's most popular stories, and get filled on on what you might have missed if you were on vacation in July.

Fort Washington Way caps to provide valuable real estate

The redevelopment of Fort Washington Way has allowed for a dramatic transformation of Cincinnati's central riverfront to take place, but future developments like caps over the highway might further reconnect downtown with its river that gave the city its start.

Reconstructed Fort Washington Way generating variety of societal advances

In addition to transportation, combined sewer overflow, and land use adjustments for the better, the reconstructed Fort Washington Way has also allowed the trade of clean water across the Ohio River, tapped Cincinnati into a fiber optic network, and held back flood waters.

Hidden Assets of Fort Washington Way Saving Taxpayers Millions of Dollars

The reconstruction of Fort Washington Way brought many visible improvements to the area, but there were also significant water, sewer, transportation and infrastructure components included that required incredible foresight from city leaders to include, and are now saving taxpayers tens of millions of dollars.

Reconstruction of Fort Washington Way Redefined Cincinnati’s Urban Core

The realignment of Fort Washington Way dramatically decreased the highway's presence through downtown Cincinnati while offering up a reconnection between the Central Business District and the Ohio River. Over the course of July UrbanCincy will explore the many intricacies that went into this project that transformed Cincinnati's center city.