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Episode #65: The Cardinal

Charlie Monte Verde of Amtrak joins us to talk about Cincinnati's sole Amtrak route and what it would take to add more service at Union Terminal.

Popular Walking Tours Showcasing Cincinnati’s Evolution Since 1940s To Return This June

After hosting a series of city walking tours last summer, Max Grinnell will be bringing them back in June for Cincinnati due to what he considers one of the best environments for them.

Architecture as Experience: The Case for Excellence in Design

There has been a lot of recent discussion about the state of the architecture profession, both locally and globally. What is the Queen City getting right, and where have we gone astray?

The History of NYC’s Landmarks Law and Modern Day Preservation Movements

The modern day Penn Station beneath NYC's Madison Square Garden is roundly considered a total disaster, but it always hasn't been that way. The demolition of the historic Penn Station, perhaps, led to the modern day style of historic preservation we now know.

Check Out These 14 Amazing Images of Cincinnati’s Inner City Neighborhoods

Cincinnati is known for its beautiful neighborhoods, but this incredible collection of aerial photographs will leave you truly impressed with the city's beauty.