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Walking Tours from ‘Urbanologist’ Max Grinnell Return to Cincinnati

'Urbanologist' Max Grinnell will host a walking tour series titled 'Out of the Past: Tales from the Federal Writers Guide to Cincinnati On Foot.'

Popular Walking Tours Showcasing Cincinnati’s Evolution Since 1940s To Return This June

After hosting a series of city walking tours last summer, Max Grinnell will be bringing them back in June for Cincinnati due to what he considers one of the best environments for them.

Walking tour to give historical perspective on Cincinnati’s urban core

Author and historian Max Grinnell has admittedly become a big fan of Cincinnati after only recently becoming familiar with it. He'll be visiting in June to give tours of the center city based on historical WPA guides.

The Green Towns Model and the Future of Public Housing Preservation

The housing crisis of the Great Depression inspired the FDR Administration to pursue a program akin to Europe's Garden City movement. The program developed three such towns across the country, including Cincinnati's Greenhills community.