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ODOT Looking For Public Feedback on Reworked Eastern Corridor Program

After significant public opposition, ODOT is now looking for feedback about how to proceed with a reworked effort for the massive Eastern Corridor program.

Cincinnati Reaches Agreement With Norfolk Southern on Purchase of Wasson Railroad Corridor

After months of negotiations, the City of Cincinnati has reached an agreement with Norfolk Southern to purchase 4.1 miles of the Wasson Railroad corridor for $11.8 million.

KZF Releases Preliminary Designs, Cost Estimates for Wasson Way

A new feasibility study from KZF Design finds that construction of the 6.5-mile Wasson Way Trail would cost anywhere from $7.5 million for just a trail to $36 million for both a trail and LRT.

Bus Stop Removal Could Enhance Service Times

Bus Stop Removal Could Enhance Service Times As any frequent Cincinnati Metro rider knows, it seems like the bus stops at almost every block in...

Cincinnati Region Seems Interested by Merger of Local Governments

Our editorial about consolidating local governments has created a lot of buzz. UrbanCincy owner and managing editor, Randy Simes, joined Scott Sloan on 700WLW yesterday to further discuss the issue.