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While Limited in Size, Individuals With Limited English Capabilities Perform Well in Regional Economy

The growth of Cincinnati's foreign language speaking population with limited English proficiency is growing at a rapid rate, but the total number of those people in the region still trails most other metros.

VIDEO: Mayeul Akpovi Takes His Photographic Magic to Lyon

After producing an internationally acclaimed, four-part series on Paris, Mayeul Akpovi has done it again with a jaw-dropping time lapse video of Lyon. Why hasn't the CVB bought this guy a round trip plane ticket to Cincinnati yet?

Are Regional Population Trends in Cincinnati and Dayton Entangled?

Most people know that Cincinnati and Dayton are closely connected with one another, but are their respective regional population trends entangled? A Spanish researcher believes they just might be.

10th anniversary of French American Business Alliance celebrates transatlantic collaboration

April was declared French American Business Alliance day in Cincinnati. To celebrate hundreds gathered in downtown Cincinnati, including the newly appointed French Ambassador H.E. Fracois Delattre, to discuss the present and future between France and the Queen City.