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Roughly 39% of Hamilton County’s Workforce Commutes From Outside of County

According to data from the U.S. Census Bureau, Hamilton County has a higher than normal percentage of people commuting in and out of it each day for work.

Cincinnati Leaders Approve City’s Third Form-Based Code in Walnut Hills

Cincinnati City Council voted unanimously to adopt a form-based code for Walnut Hills last week - making it the city's third neighborhood to do so. Westwood appears to be next after receiving preliminary approval in December.

Cincinnati Proposes Eliminating Parking Requirements in Downtown and Over-the-Rhine

The City of Cincinnati will hold a public conference this evening about proposed amendment to the zoning code that would deregulate parking requirements throughout the center city. The news comes one year after Vice Mayor Qualls passed a motion for such action.

Which cities did the biggest music hits come from in 2012?

Which cities did the biggest music hits come from in 2012?. South Korea's PSY took the world by storm in 2012 with his smash hit...

Cincinnati City Council prepares to take action against urban parking mandates

Just two weeks after UrbanCincy called on city leaders to reform urban parking policy, Vice Mayor Roxanne Qualls has announced a new policy that would eliminate all parking mandates within Over-the-Rhine and the Central Business District.