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For Economic Growth, Milwaukee Region Chooses Collaboration Over Competition

Following in Denver's footsteps, the Milwaukee region has come together and formed a partnership aimed at not only improving the region's economic attractiveness, but also eliminating costly intra-regional competition.

Metro To Break Ground on $1.2 Million Oakley Transit Center Next Summer

On Friday Metro announced that it has secured the necessary funds in order to move forward with construction of a new transit center in Oakley.

CDK Global Appears Poised To Bring 1,000 Tech Jobs to Norwood

Just days after it was announced that CDK Global would most likely relocate 1,000 jobs to the Cincinnati region, UrbanCincy has learned that the technology and digital marketing firm may be heading to Norwood.

Stars Aligning for Cincinnati to Chicago High-Speed Rail

As each month passes, it appears that the stars are continuing to align for daily passenger rail service from Cincinnati to Indianapolis and Chicago. Such a move would then set the stage for future high-speed rail operations.

Physical Redevelopment of Cincinnati Also Reinvigorating Local Art Community

Cincinnati's revival has been marked by a number of exciting development projects, but it has been largely defined by local entrepreneurs and artists. It is also what has helped make the turnaround so special compared to others.