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Metro, Uber Ink Deal Aimed at Addressing First and Last Mile Connections for Transit...

Uber and Metro inked a first-of-its kind partnership in Ohio yesterday that is aiming to close the gap for area transit riders that rely on a personal automobile to get to and from their transit stop.

Columbus is not the biggest city in Ohio, and Indy’s not bigger than Boston

If one were to simply look at the Census Bureau's listing of the most populous cities in America, you might be fooled into thinking that Jacksonville is a bigger city than Boston, or that Columbus is three times larger than Cincinnati. It's not true.

CNU23: Unsure About Expectations, Dallas an Unexpected Delight

Not knowing much about Dallas, and having heard so many terrible things about the Lone Star State's urbanism, expectations were low for a recent visit for CNU23, but the city turned out to be a pleasant surprise.

CNU23: Conversation on Transit Should Focus on Access, Not Technology

Jarrett Walker is one of the most outspoken critics of transit in North America. While at CNU23 in Dallas last week he told those in attendance that too much attention is paid to technology and physical improvements.

Is the Great Lakes region ready to start acting like a megaregion?

Is the Great Lakes region ready to start acting like a megaregion?. Only a small piece of land between Cincinnati and Dayton remains undeveloped, and...