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Banks Concert Venue Still Up in the Air

With City and County leadership deciding to move forward with a concert venue at the Banks, will the Bengals jeopardize future development in exercising their veto rights on adjacent development? We review the situation and propose a way forward.

Chattanooga Cappella Group Puts Together Parody Song Celebrating Bus Ridership

Meghan Trainor had one of the biggest hit singles over the summer. And as is natural with popular songs, it has been redone by others. A favorite of ours is from the UTC Mockingbirds and it's all about that bus.

Cincinnati Dronescape is a Soundtrack of the City and the Sounds That Define It

Cincinnati Dronescope is a new music project that recorded ambient sounds of the city and mastered them with custom tracks produced by local musicians.

Relive Last Weekend’s MidPoint Music Festival Through These 28 Photos

Music fans packed Downtown and Over-the-Rhine over the weekend for MidPoint Music Festival. Check out our full set of photos from the three-day independent music extravaganza.

Art to Inspire at September’s SSOM Event this Sunday

Second Sunday on Main has been a mainstay street festival in Over-the-Rhine for nine years. This month the festival will feature a plethora of art from local artists and performers.