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Candidates’ Forum to Focus on Historic Presevation, Urban Planning Topics

Fourteen City Council and two Mayoral candidates will discuss historic preservation and related urban planning issues at Memorial Hall on September 19th.

PHOTOS: Cincinnati Bell Connector Gives 50,000 Rides Opening Weekend

Over 50,000 rides were given on the Cincinnati Bell Connector during its grand opening weekend.

Clifton Working With City Hall to Complete Funding for Co-Op Grocery

Cliftonites have been working to fill the void left behind by the closure of Keller's IGA since 2011. After many failed efforts, they may finally be close to a solution that will bring a grocery back to the neighborhood.

Deadline Given for Community, Developer to Work Out Compromise on $25M Madisonville Project

A planned $25M project would bring 246 new apartments to Madisonville, but a number of city and community leaders would prefer to see the site developed for commercial purposes.

Cincinnati’s Streetcar Victory a Decade in the Making

The battle is finally over. A veto-proof, super-majority on Cincinnati's city council voted to complete construction of phase one of the Cincinnati Streetcar project.