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Brink Brewing Aiming to Settle Into Cincinnati’s Resurgent College Hill Neighborhood

Brink Brewing is transforming a large commercial space in the heart of College Hill's business district into a neighborhood brewery and taproom. If all goes according to plan, it will open this November.

Columbus is not the biggest city in Ohio, and Indy’s not bigger than Boston

If one were to simply look at the Census Bureau's listing of the most populous cities in America, you might be fooled into thinking that Jacksonville is a bigger city than Boston, or that Columbus is three times larger than Cincinnati. It's not true.

Two Big Ideas to Bring Cincinnati’s Urban Housing Boom to Next Level

Cincinnati's center city has been experiencing a bit of a housing boom, but it seems like developers just can't keep up. Here are two big development ideas that would inject a thousand or more units into the marketplace.

The people want the parks, and lots of ’em

The people want the parks, and lots of 'em. In no surprise to anyone, it turns out that people like to live near parks and...

Community summit to focus on neighborhood successes in San Diego

Little Italy in San Diego was like countless other neighborhoods that shared the story of disinvestment, blight and neglect as center city’s population dwindled after World War II. Yet something began to happen in the 1990’s that helped transform the struggling community.