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Sewer Improvements Save Money, Reduce Environmental Impact

The Metropolitan Sewer District (MSD) recently unveiled sweeping changes to the region’s sewage system. By optimizing the existing infrastructure’s ability to handle wet weather, newly-installed smart technologies will reduce environmental risk, slash rates, and prolong its life.

Record Crowd at Niehoff for Burnet Woods

Over 150 people gathered at the Niehoff Urban Design Studios to see and hear what University of Cincinnati design students had come up with on a reimagining of Burnet Woods. The Woods is one of the largest parks in the Cincinnati Park system and also the central focal point of three Cincinnati neighborhoods.

Until the region’s sewer problem is fixed, you might want to hold off on...

Until the region's sewer problem is fixed, you might want to hold off on flushing your toilet. By now just about everyone in the region...

GUEST EDITORIAL: The Mathematics of Urbanity

How do we, or should we, define urbanity? What does it mean for our communities in an environmental or economic sense? Anna Rodriguez explores those questions in a guest piece for UrbanCincy about the mathematics of urbanity.

Ohio Republicans rebuke LEED chemical disclosure requirements

Ohio Republicans rebuke LEED chemical disclosure requirements. We’ve see Art Deco, Modernism, Post-Modernism, Queen Anne Style, Italianate and many other periods of architectural expression, style...