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Downtown Signal Study Stuck in Political Traffic

Every weekday tens of thousands of commuters in downtown Cincinnati struggle with traffic due to outdated signal timing and traffic patterns. So why is City Hall stalling on an opportunity to use funds to study and re-time the traffic signals to match current travel patterns?

Take a Look at These 20 Breathtaking Photos of Cincinnati’s Center City

You may often get great views of the center city while walking around and exploring, but many have never seen the city like this.

PHOTOS: Cincy Red Bike Quickly Taking Shape Throughout City Center

Work is rapidly progressing on the initial $2.2 million phase of Cincy Red Bike - Cincinnati's new bike share system. Volunteers are assembling bikes while crews are installing stations in order to launch operations in September.

Metro Has Begun Installing New 24-Hour Ticketing Kiosks Throughout City

After upgrading their bus fleet's fare payment system in 2011, Metro has finally begun installing new ticketing kiosks around the city. The first of which is located at Government Square.