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Wanderu Introduces One-Stop Booking Site for Intercity Bus, Train Operators

Travelers have long been able to conveniently book air travel through integrated websites like Expedia and Kayak.com. But until recently, that convenience hasn't been afforded to those traveling by bus or rail. A new service called Wanderu does precisely that.

Episode #45: Cincinnati’s Tech Scene

Alex Bowman and Chris Moore join Travis to discuss the Cincinnati tech scene. What can Cincinnati do to attract and retain the talent tech startups need? How do coworking spaces play a role? Should tech companies become involved in local political issues?

Mapping May Impede Self-Driving Car Development

 Mapping May Impede Self-Driving Car Development  Urbanists, futurists and car enthusiasts buzz has been building over self-driving car technology. Traffic planners see them as a way to...

Metro to Begin Selling One-Day Passes in November, Regional Fare Cards Next

Cincinnati Metro will begin selling one-day passes for the first time on Sunday, November 2. The new passes are part of an ongoing modernization of the bus system's fare payment technology.

Rapidly Growing Cincybite to Expand Delivery Area and Service Offerings

After Cincinnati native Robbie Sosna moved away he discovered that his hometown was lacking in terms of food delivery options, so he decided to change that with the launch of Cincybite.