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Month in Review – October 2014

UrbanCincy readers must be excited about the idea of turning Wasson Way into a multi-modal corridor; that was our most popular story of October...

PHOTOS: Ohio’s First Protected Bike Lane Attracting New Riders to Central Parkway

Ohio's first protected bike lane is now complete and is attracting new riders to what was once of the city's more intimidating and unsafe streets for cyclists.

MOVE Coworking Aims to Offer Non-Traditional Workers Healthy, Active Workspace

Ryan Meo and Patrick Hitches will open a coworking space in the West End's Brighton District later this month. The two are taking a different approach and hoping MOVE Coworking will fare better than its predecessors.

VIDEO: Are ‘Protected Intersections’ the Next Bicycle Infrastructure Innovation?

As cities across the region look to invest in new bicycle infrastructure, are they missing one critical component? Nick Falbo thinks so, and he has just the design solution for the task at hand.

INFOGRAPHIC: The Abandonment of Cincinnati’s 1914 Subway and Rapid Transit Loop

We all have heard the stories about Cincinnati's abandoned subway, but how exactly did it happen? What was the original plan and how did it change over time?