Great American Tower rises triumphantly above downtown Cincinnati

Crews from Turner Construction Company continue to work on the finishing touches of Cincinnati’s new tallest skyscraper that will house a variety of companies including Great American Insurance for which the Great American Tower gets its name.  The $322 million office tower boasts more than 800,000 square feet of office space and is scheduled to welcome its first tenants in spring 2011.

The Great American Tower is part of the larger Queen City Square development which includes the 303 Broadway office tower next door.  The two towers share a 2,200-space parking facility and exterior design features.

The new tower has reached its highest point at 665 feet above Third Street with its majestic “Tiara” atop the structure’s 41st floor.  UrbanCincy photographer Jake Mecklenborg was invited to tour the new tower as crews finish the structure’s crowning design feature.  Mecklenborg’s photographs capture dramatic views from the top of the tower of Over-the-Rhine, Downtown, The Banks and the Cincinnati Riverfront Park.  He also captures crews hard at work throughout the project.

Eagle Realty is currently working on leasing the final 175,000 square feet of office space at the Great American Tower on floors 28, 29, and 35 through 38.  Once complete, the tower will house thousands of business workers, new retail offerings, and a dramatic new architectural feature to downtown Cincinnati that will eclipse historic Carew Tower as the tallest structure in the Ohio River Valley.

  • Aaron

    “The new tower has ALMOST reached its highest point of 665 ft…” Not quite there yet, but probably by the end of the day or tomorrow.

    Also, does anyone have any info on weather or not the tiara will be lit at night, and if they will cover the tiara so that you can’t see through it? It would be awfully lame if they just left all of those air cond. units and other machinery exposed up there.

  • The AC units and what not will be blocked from view by the Great American Insurance logo that will be installed at the top of the tower. The rest of the tiara will be open air and will just be the beams as you currently see them. There will be a lighting feature that lights the tiara at night from the inside.

    Here’s a rendering Aaron to give you an idea of the Great American Insurance sign I mentioned that will block those AC units:

  • alex

    very beautiful building. we need more!

  • Jerry

    What a boring building. I give credit to being a lead certified building but the design is boring. It looks like a something that could have been constructed in 1982.

  • I wonder, will they have an observation deck at the top like the do on top of the carew tower? now that would be cool. This will for sure be a great new building and an obvious skyline changer.

  • Aaron

    If you have seen the building in person it is quite impressive. Regardless of weather or not it is less than innovative, I think we should take into consideration what the budget most likely was, and the fact that it does a lot for the cities skyline. Also I think it is quite nice.

  • Also keep in mind that it’s incredible Cincinnati is building a skyscraper of this size at a time when skyscraper projects are stalled across the US, even in cities like New York and Chicago.

  • Zachary

    “It looks like a something that could have been constructed in 1982.”

    You’re not the only one saying that. And guess what… it WAS designed in the 80’s! Just not constructed until now.

    A little conservative, but hey, what do you expect out of an office tower in the Midwest?

  • I agree that the design is conservative, but I would much rather have this than some over-the-top design that makes is seem like a mid-sized city desperate for attention (see Louisville’s now dead Museum Plaza Tower).

    My main issue is the building’s width relative to its height. It’s a tall building, but the width is exceptionally wide, and from some angles it looks quite odd. A more slender version of this same design would have been better in my opinion.

  • Aaron

    I’m quite familiar with that render, but there’s like six stories of randomness up there that is clearly visible above where the Great American sign will be. If they just leave that un-covered its gonna look terrible.

  • Well then to answer your question, yes it will be left open and internally lit at night.

  • Bob

    I can’t believe the tiara isn’t going to be occupied space. What a waste! I’ve seen buildings use useless spires to become the tallest building, but this is a 13 story structure being used for nothing but a few cooling towers. I would have glassed it in and maybe have a restaurant or spa or something. What a waste! Looks nice though.

  • sarah

    Tiara..don’t think so. Looks like a bump=it from late night infomercials.

  • vb2010

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