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New Payment Technology Allows Metro, TANK to Partner on Regional Fare Card

Regular commuters who cross the Ohio River between Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky know too well the pains of all the transfers and associated fees between TANK and Metro buses. Thanks to new technology, however, those days are now behind area transit riders.

Chattanooga Cappella Group Puts Together Parody Song Celebrating Bus Ridership

Meghan Trainor had one of the biggest hit singles over the summer. And as is natural with popular songs, it has been redone by others. A favorite of ours is from the UTC Mockingbirds and it's all about that bus.

Metro to Begin Selling One-Day Passes in November, Regional Fare Cards Next

Cincinnati Metro will begin selling one-day passes for the first time on Sunday, November 2. The new passes are part of an ongoing modernization of the bus system's fare payment technology.

Crowdfunding Campaign Wants to Give $4,000 to Ideas That Improve the Transit Experience

While riding transit is beneficial for a number of reasons, it is not always a pleasant experience. Ioby and Transit Center are looking for ways to fix that and want to give you $4,000 for your idea that would improve the transit experience.

PHOTOS: Washington D.C.’s Model Transportation Investments Paying Dividends

Washington D.C. boasts one of the nation's strongest urban economies, and one can't help but notice the smart transportation investments the city has and continues to make in order to encourage and accommodate this growth.