GUEST EDITORIAL: Horseshoe Casino Fails to Deliver on Urban Design

The $400 million Horseshoe Casino Cincinnati opens today in Pendleton. While many will cheer its touted economic impact prospects, others are questioning whether or not the form and design of the complex will work with its environs.

IMAGE: Cincinnati To Grow Taller in the Coming Years

Cincinnati's center city growth is really picking up steam, and several new towers are either under construction or in early development phases now. With all this new growth, we decided to visualize what this might look like once the dust settles.

GUEST EDITORIAL: Get Over It, Then Get Ready

Longtime political activist Don Mooney weighs in with his thoughts and advice for dejected liberals in Cincinnati following the recent election.

EDITORIAL: Localizing Operating Costs for Streetcar Sets Dangerous Precedent

Mayor Cranley's demand that 30 years worth of operating expenses be provided upfront by the private sector is not only unreasonable, it sets a dangerous precedent for other city investments and establishes a clear double standard for transit.

Opinion: A Boulevard for Brent Spence Bridge Exit

What if the street grid in Covington's Hamburger Heaven could be reimagined as a more pedestrian-oriented experience? Guest contributor Chris Meyer illustrates his idea and opportunity through the region's chapter of the Congress for the New Urbanism.