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Episode #64: Jason Barron of Red Bike

Jason Barron of Cincy Red Bike joins us to discuss the first two years of Cincinnati's bike share program and where the system is going next.

PHOTOS: Cincinnati Bell Connector Gives 50,000 Rides Opening Weekend

Over 50,000 rides were given on the Cincinnati Bell Connector during its grand opening weekend.

UrbanCincy Now Listed As Official Google News Provider

Being approved as an official Google News provider means that UrbanCincy, along with the other more traditional news outlets in Cincinnati, will now have its stories automatically pulled into Google News results.

Episode #43: Fall Update (Part 1)

Randy, Jake, John, and Travis discuss the results of the 2014 election; what is likely to be on the ballot in 2015; and the plan to fund streetcar operations.

Episode #38: Seoul

Randy Simes and Yoonsun Chang tell us about the large scale of growth that Seoul is experiencing, the urban form of new developments, the approach to historic preservation, and the transportation systems that enable the city to function.