Standing Room Only Crowd Packed Metropolis & Mobility Event

On Friday, April 19, UrbanCincy partnered with the Niehoff Urban Studio and hosted an event that showcased student work and included expert analysis and discussion of urban mobility issues in Cincinnati.

Approximately 100 people showed up to the collaborative studio space in Corryville to view the student work, and learn more about the challenges facing Cincinnati today and in the future.

Metropolis & Mobility: Bus Rapid Transit and Bikeway Planning focused on five proposed bus rapid transit and three bikeway corridors throughout Cincinnati. Engineering and planning students were paired together in groups to examine the issues and propose implementation strategies for those potential projects.

Students examining bus rapid transit focused on the Reading Road, Downtown, Hamilton Avenue, Vine Street, and Montgomery Road corridors. The students studying bikeway planning, meanwhile, examined the Wasson Way and Western Riverfront Trail and Mill Creek Greenway.

The event also included an expert panel discussion between Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority (SORTA) CEO Terry Garcia Crews, Parsons Brinckerhoff senior transportation planner Tim Reynolds, and Cincinnati Bike Center general manager Jared Arter.

Those interested in listening to the panel discussion can do so by streaming it online, or by subscribing to The UrbanCincy Podcast on iTunes and downloading episode 19.

One of the student proposals was to activate the Riverfront Transit Center and utilize it as a station for BRT and commuter express routes. Just four days after the Metropolis & Mobility event, the Business Courier reported that Metro was interested in doing just that.

Those who attended the event were also able to vote on their favorite project, which will then be profiled right here on in the coming weeks. In the meantime, please enjoy the video put together on the Metropolis & Mobility event by our contributing videographer Andrew Stahlke.

  • Dan Heintzelman

    This brings back memories. I was in a Nieboff transit studio back when it was located downtown on central where currently the coffee emporium resides. I eventually used research gained from this studio in developing my thesis. Creating a multi-nodal BRT/Street at transit terminal on Uc campus. Coincidentally, I’m on a bus right now headed to Chicago from Cincinnati! (Not a brt bus though). I will give a shout out to Frank Russel for hosting the transit studio and getting me involved In public transit. Also thanks Randy for urban cincy!

    • That’s funny Dan. I take the Megabus between Cincy and Chicago often…let me know if you want to cross paths while you’re in Chicago.

    • Dan Heintzelman

      Hah, that is also how I got here. I’m taking greyhound on the way home to compare amenities and service. I’m in chi town till Sunday if you are going to be up here. My lady friend lives here so I’m usually here every few weeks.

  • Mafe Ramírez

    It was a great project.
    The effort from the students and the level of commitment was incredible. As their TA, I was amazed to see how they turned complicated and almost impossible issues into innovative solutions.
    As always, it’s glad to see engineers and planners joining forces to come up with complex options and chose the most adequate one.
    Some people may say it’s impossible, but these guys showed that there are always ways to change public transport by developing unique solutions to each one of the corridors. Not at all a one-size-fits-all type of project.
    Thank you Randy! your “closing ceremony” was the best way to put all their effort out for people to see.