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Knight Foundation Announces Nearly 150 Finalists For Cities Challenge

The Knight Foundation will announce their list of finalists in the Knight Cities Challenge today. The finalists have been pulled from a collection of more than 4,500 ideas to help improve the vibrancy of cities throughout America.

Federal Reserve Finds Cincinnati Out-Performing Many Of Its Regional, National Peers

The Federal Reserve Branch of Cleveland has compiled data that shows the Cincinnati region is not only out-performing most all of its regional peers, but also out-pacing the national trend when it comes to economic growth.

Is the Great Lakes region ready to start acting like a megaregion?

Is the Great Lakes region ready to start acting like a megaregion?. Only a small piece of land between Cincinnati and Dayton remains undeveloped, and...

Federal Reserve Has Rosy Outlook for Cincinnati’s Over-Performing Economy

The Cincinnati region has already been out-performing many of its peers economically, but a new report out from the Federal Reserve shows even more reason to be bullish on the Queen City.

Episode #49: Ideas to Copy

What ideas should Cincinnati copy from other U.S. cities? The UrbanCincy Team gets together to discuss five ideas we think would be good candidates.