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Walking tour to give historical perspective on Cincinnati’s urban core

Author and historian Max Grinnell has admittedly become a big fan of Cincinnati after only recently becoming familiar with it. He'll be visiting in June to give tours of the center city based on historical WPA guides.

Episode #51: Cincy Stories with Allen Woods, Joe Boyd, and Kathryne Gardette

Listen to Allen Woods, Joe Boyd, and Kathryne Gardette share personal stories that have shaped their lives in Cincinnati today on the latest episode of The UrbanCincy Podcast.

PHOTOS: 49 Shots from the 2014 Northside Fourth of July Parade

The 44th annual Northside Fourth of July Parade took place on Friday and once again served as a magnet for politicians in the midst of campaigns, and droves of Cincinnatians looking to celebrate and bond with one another.

Take a Look at CVG’s Abandoned Concourse C Through Ronny Salerno’s Lens

Regional air travel seems to increasingly be a thing of the past, and it is evident at CVG's abandoned Concourse C. Take a look inside the abandoned terminal through photo journalist Ronny Salerno's lens.

Cincinnati Preservation Collective Draws from Different Backgrounds to Save Buildings

The Cincinnati Preservation Collective is a new group of preservationists who are passionate about taking proactive steps to save historic buildings.