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Award-Winning Filmmaker’s Latest Project Highlights Lower Price Hill’s Oyler School

Lower Price Hill is one of Cincinnati's toughest neighborhoods, but a string of recent efforts are working to change that, and one of those in particular has caught the eye of an award-winning documentary filmmaker.

Housing Auction Saves Buildings In Baltimore

Housing Auction Saves Buildings In Baltimore Often times it is difficult for distressed housing to be taken out of delinquent property owners hands. In Cincinnati...

What Does Harry Black’s History Tell Us About His Capability of Managing City Hall?

While initial impressions of city manager finalist Harry Black have been positive, his past experience is checkered with controversy and turmoil. So, who exactly is Mayor Cranley's preferred candidate to run the City of Cincinnati?

Comprehensive Study Needed to Examine Cincinnati’s Migration Problem

Cincinnati lags behind its regional competitors in virtually all measures when it comes to attracting immigrants to the region, even trailing smaller regions and those losing population overall. So, what's the problem?

Gentrification Occurring in More Than Cincinnati’s Center City Neighborhoods

According to data from the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, Cincinnati gentrified at a faster rate than all but three of its Midwestern peers, and that gentrification was spread throughout the city.