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Cincinnati Posts Third Consecutive Year of Population Increases

Following a 50 year period of population loss, Cincinnati has now posted three consecutive years of population gains. The news comes as city leaders continue to see increased investment throughout inner-city neighborhoods.

Is the Great Lakes region ready to start acting like a megaregion?

Is the Great Lakes region ready to start acting like a megaregion?. Only a small piece of land between Cincinnati and Dayton remains undeveloped, and...

Federal Reserve Has Rosy Outlook for Cincinnati’s Over-Performing Economy

The Cincinnati region has already been out-performing many of its peers economically, but a new report out from the Federal Reserve shows even more reason to be bullish on the Queen City.

Federal Reserve Data Reveals Cincinnati Economy is Out-Performing Regionally, Lagging Nationally

New data from the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland shows that the economic region continues to be bolstered and burdened by its robust manufacturing sector. Of the region's 17 metropolitan regions, only a handful are performing well economically.

Cincinnati Posts Population Gain for Second Consecutive Year

For the second year in a row the City of Cincinnati posted a population gain. The newly released population estimates show that the Queen City is out performing its regional competitors, but lagging nationally.