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The world’s best cities have lots of traffic congestion, and that’s a good thing

The world's best cities have lots of traffic congestion, and that's a good thing. When discussing transportation, the difference between traffic and congestion is often...

Relive Last Weekend’s MidPoint Music Festival Through These 28 Photos

Music fans packed Downtown and Over-the-Rhine over the weekend for MidPoint Music Festival. Check out our full set of photos from the three-day independent music extravaganza.

How to Reimagine Our Streets Around the Concept of Shared Space

Our streets are carefully, perhaps overly, engineered. In the best cases space is carefully allotted to each different mode, but are we thinking about street design totally wrong?

CNU 22: Ken Greenberg Outlines Challenges to 21st Century Urbanism

In his opening plenary of the CNU, Ken Greenberg outlines the challenges cities face in the 21st century and argues that politicians and policy makers should embrace cities and build them right.

Upstart Garment Manufacturer Looking to Find Its Place in Cincinnati’s Economy

Noble Denim started its garment operations in Camp Washington in 2012. Since starting, the company has experienced growth and is taking a look at how their product manufacturing fits into the region’s economy.