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How to Reimagine Our Streets Around the Concept of Shared Space

Our streets are carefully, perhaps overly, engineered. In the best cases space is carefully allotted to each different mode, but are we thinking about street design totally wrong?

PHOTOS: The Impressive Urbanity of Colombia’s Third Largest City

Visibly grittier than Medellín, Cali sports an incredible amount of assets that match and sometimes outshine Medellín. Check out our 26 photos from Colombia's third largest city.

PHOTOS: The Rebirth and Hype of Medellín Does Not Disappoint

Jacob Fessler is currently on assignment in Colombia. Take a look at some of his photos from recent visits he has made to Medellín and Cali, and hear his thoughts on the approach to urban planning in Colombia.

Bus rapid transit systems in the U.S. not keeping pace

Bus rapid transit systems in the U.S. not keeping pace. Many American cities, Cincinnati included, are working towards enhancing their bus systems as ridership grows....

Episode #1: Bus Rapid Transit in Bogotá

On the inaugural episode of The UrbanCincy Podcast, urban planner Natalia Gomez Rojas joins the UrbanCincy team from Colombia to discuss bus rapid transit (BRT) systems. Randy and Natalia discuss their experience using the TransMilenio system in Bogotá, and the lessons Cincinnati and other U.S. cities can take away.