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Episode #64: Jason Barron of Red Bike

Jason Barron of Cincy Red Bike joins us to discuss the first two years of Cincinnati's bike share program and where the system is going next.

Is Cincy RedBike America’s Most Financially Successful Bike-Share System?

For the first time since it launched nearly two years ago, Red Bike has released its financial details. While other bike-share systems around the country have struggled financially, Red Bike appears to be bucking the trend.

VIDEO: Cincy Red Bike Provides New Transportation Choice for the Urban Core

Although it launched less than two years ago, Red Bike has already become a very popular way to get around Cincinnati's urban core. A new video explores the system and its ongoing growth.

Red Bike Firmly Establishes Itself As Tri-State’s Largest Bike-Share Program

Usage of the region's first public bike-share program has, thus far, exceeded all ridership and growth expectations. And just after celebrating its one-year anniversary, Red Bike also celebrated its 100,000th ride early last week.

Red Bike, CityLink Agree to Partnership to Offer Low-Cost Memberships

While bike share systems have been rapidly expanding across North America, many have struggled to offer affordable options in low-income neighborhoods. Red Bike is hoping a new partnership can be a model for change.