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APA14: Atlanta and Its Evolving Relationship with Urbanism

For an urbanist, Atlanta at first glance is a conundrum. Subway stations that seem to feed park and rides, buildings that barely front the street and streets with no crosswalks where pedestrians play a dangerous game of Frogger just to cross to the other side are all typical occurrences in the city.

APA14: Tactical Urbanism Laying the Groundwork for Safer, More Livable Cities

A new approach called Tactical Urbanism is helping change the way we think about our streets in order to make them safer and more enjoyable for all users.

APA14: Demographic Preferences Shifting in Favor of Walkable, Urban Communities

The preferences of Millennials are having a profound effect on housing markets across the nation, but it's now spilling over to the Baby Boomers as well. What does it all mean for Cincinnati?

Data Suggests Peak Vehicle Miles Traveled Was Reached in 2007

We always hear of anticipated robust traffic growth, and if nothing is done, then our communities will be stuck in gridlock. But how have these projections actually measured up?

With the kids gone, aging Baby Boomers opt for city life

With the kids gone, aging Baby Boomers opt for city life It's a common misconception that urban life only appeals to young people. This idea...