ODOT Looking For Public Feedback on Reworked Eastern Corridor Program

The Ohio Department of Transportation is looking for additional feedback related to transportation improvements for Cincinnati’s eastern neighborhoods and far reaching suburbs.

The survey comes after ODOT has said that they are backing away from original plans for the hotly debated Eastern Corridor project, which came under public scrutiny for its scope and potentially negative impact to established neighborhoods on the city’s east side.

While the project will most certainly not be moving forward as originally envisioned, public officials are still looking to get a grasp on what kinds of investments could be made to improve traffic congestion and mobility options.

So far, ODOT has held public meetings in Newtown and Mariemont, and will hold meetings in Anderson Township, Mt. Lookout, Fairfax and Mt. Washington in the coming weeks – the next of which will occur this evening, from 6pm to 8pm, in Mt. Lookout at Christ The King Parish Center at 927 Ellison Avenue.

Those unable to attend that or the other upcoming meetings, are being encouraged to complete an interactive web-based survey. Taking approximately five to 10 minutes to complete, the survey asks respondents to rank the importance of the types of transportation improvements needed for the corridor, while also asking for specific location-based improvement suggestions.

The survey and public feedback for this effort is focused on what ODOT calls Segments II and III of the project, and is not limited to those who live or work in the study area, but rather open to anyone who finds themselves passing through the area.

Early results from the survey show that respondents want ODOT to focus investments on improving public transit, biking and walking options, and travel time through the corridor. While the travel time option could mean many different things, it may be connected to the other two top rankings for multi-modal transportation enhancements.

Projects not specifically mentioned in the survey include the Oasis Corridor commuter rail line, which also has been on the ropes lately, and the Wasson Corridor, which is still unclear how it will proceed with respects to a trail only, or a light rail and trail combination.

As UrbanCincy wrote in June 2015, a new local access bridge crossing the Ohio River, from Columbia Tusculum to Dayton, KY, could also greatly help solve access and congestion issues on the east side of the region.

ODOT officials say that the online survey will remain open until Wednesday, June 15. After this evening’s open house in Mt. Lookout, the next meetings to take place in Fairfax and Mt. Washington will occur on May 4 and May 5, respectively.

  • Does anyone know how to get a working copy of the OKI Travel Model that has been heavily touted for the Eastern Corridor projects? I’d like to take a look at the guts of this software.

  • Brian Boland

    If left to the DOT, Mariemont square will be reduced to the same sad state that Fairfax now is.

    • Jesse

      I’d like to believe this is ODOT trying to see what east side residents really want after finally realizing it was not to have their established neighborhoods wrecked to facilitate traffic flow between downtown and Clermont County. I’m skeptical though. I hope this is not the prelude to another expensive plan nobody wants.

      There are other ways to get downtown from the eastern suburbs. I’m pretty sure half of I-275 was built to serve that purpose. Granted, I’d rather not take 275471 between Milford and Downtown on a regular basis. That is why I don’t live in Milford. It’s a nice place but you have to assume you’ll be spending a lot of time behind the wheel if you move there.

      People from the eastern suburbs who are sick of spending so much time commuting should consider moving somewhere more conveniently located. Mariemont is nice. They have a really cute business district along Rt. 50. I hear Madisonvile could be up and coming. Unless of course the whole neighborhood gets swallowed up by that dangerous, ugly mess ODOT calls the red Bank Corridor.

    • SC

      The problem is most don’t see it that way. I know some people in Milford that actually do just accept they’ll drive a lot but others I’ve met do want to just bulldoze whatever in their way to make their commute to downtown or whereever easier. They’d be up for 74 blasting clear through the center of the city to make it easier on them.

    • Noibn48

      Mariemont itself can ease rush hour congestion from the Square to Walton Creek by re-timing the phalanx of lights.

  • charles ross

    The funny thing about living in Milford or Anderson is that the routes to town are not that bad AFTER you get into the city area, such as route 50. I used to live in Miami Twp/Milford and cruising down route 50 was relatively nice. From “old milford” you can jump right on 50. It is not the distance from the burb to the city , it’s the sprawl IN the burb. What drove me out of there was Route 28 and the rest of the mess out toward 275.
    That type of “unicorporated” strip mall highway zone seems to engender the worst kind of human habitat, or whatever the proper word is – generica/devoscape/sprawlasma? It is a recipe for traffic jams. Likewise you can see the same type of unregulated “township” strip mall highway in Beechmont Avenue, Fields Ertel, Highland Ridge and the old favorite – Colerain Avenue.

    So asking ODOT for solutions seems like asking the cardiac emergency unit to fix your obesity. Keep adding bypasses.