December 2, 2013: The Day Chaos Ruled City Hall

December 2, 2013 may have been one of the most chaotic and confusing days at City Hall in Cincinnati's history. It was the first day of work for the new mayor and council, and things got off to a tumultuous start with eight hours of deliberations over the streetcar project.

Hidden Assets of Fort Washington Way Saving Taxpayers Millions of Dollars

The reconstruction of Fort Washington Way brought many visible improvements to the area, but there were also significant water, sewer, transportation and infrastructure components included that required incredible foresight from city leaders to include, and are now saving taxpayers tens of millions of dollars.

City of Covington Gathering Public Input On How to Spend CDBG Funds

The City of Covington is currently gathering public input on how to spend federal funds provided to the Northern Kentucky community through HUD's Community Development Block Grants.

The Plot Continues to Thicken for Cincinnati’s $133M Streetcar Project

The plot continues to thicken as FTA Administrator Peter Rogoff sends a piercing letter to City Hall, Mayor Cranley threatens a veto and streetcar supporters kick-off a Charter amendment petition drive.

10 Questions and Answers With Cincinnati’s New Sustainability Coordinator

UrbanCincy sat down with the new sustainability coordinator in the City of Cincinnati’s Office of Environment and Sustainability to find out about Oliver Kroner's new role and vision for the city.