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Car-Sharing Could Reduce Costs, Improve Efficiency of Cincinnati’s Vehicle Fleet

Car-sharing entered the Cincinnati market years ago, but it has remained relatively stagnant since that time. With City Hall preparing to upgrade its fleet of vehicles, now is the time to consider a different approach.

AC Hotels by Marriott to Partner With Eagle Realty on $35 Million, 165-Room Location...

After first breaking the news over a month ago on UrbanCincy, The Banks Steering Committee confirmed yesterday that they have signed a deal that will bring a 165-room AC Hotel to the central riverfront.

Architecture as Experience: The Case for Excellence in Design

There has been a lot of recent discussion about the state of the architecture profession, both locally and globally. What is the Queen City getting right, and where have we gone astray?

Connecting Cincinnati With What’s Happening ‘Inside The Beltway’

Washington can often seem far away both geographically and culturally, but the decisions that are made inside The Beltway often have far-reaching impacts at the state and local level.

Cincinnati Fares Poorly When Examining Centralization of Jobs Throughout Region

Cincinnati has out-performed many regions in job creation since the Great Recession, but the decentralization of jobs here is greater than most. The pattern is presents a growing challenge for city planners and policy makers looking to connect people with jobs.