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Candidates’ Forum to Focus on Historic Presevation, Urban Planning Topics

Fourteen City Council and two Mayoral candidates will discuss historic preservation and related urban planning issues at Memorial Hall on September 19th.

GUEST EDITORIAL: The Mathematics of Urbanity

How do we, or should we, define urbanity? What does it mean for our communities in an environmental or economic sense? Anna Rodriguez explores those questions in a guest piece for UrbanCincy about the mathematics of urbanity.

APA14: Transportation Set the Mood at This Year’s National Planning Conference in Atlanta

UrbanCincy was named one of the "top influencers" at this year's APA National Conference held in Atlanta. Jocelyn Gibson, who was one of our two reporters at the conference, takes a look back at her big takeaways.

APA14: Tactical Urbanism Laying the Groundwork for Safer, More Livable Cities

A new approach called Tactical Urbanism is helping change the way we think about our streets in order to make them safer and more enjoyable for all users.