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Hamilton County Pushes Forward With Latest Phase of The Banks

The latest bid package has been awarded for a variety of trade contracts on the infrastructure work for Phase III of The Banks, which includes a 690-space addition to the Central Riverfront Garage and a one-block addition to downtown's street grid.

Support Continues to Grow for Daily Train Service Between Cincinnati and Chicago

Cincinnati has largely been left off the nation's intercity passenger rail network, but this might soon change is a growing coalition of area political and business leaders have their way in establishing daily service to Indianapolis and Chicago.

What should happen with the buildings Hamilton County wants to sell?

What should happen with the buildings Hamilton County wants to sell?. It sounds more and more like Hamilton County will sell off some of its...

PHOTOS: LumenoCity Showcases Music Hall’s Splendor for Second Consecutive Year

The wildly popular LumenoCity returned to Washington Park two weekends ago, and once again highlighted the splendor of Music Hall with a dazzling display of light, music and dance.

What would moving Hamilton County BOE mean for those without cars?

The ruling from Jon Husted has cleared the way for Hamilton County Republicans to move elections offices and the county's lone early voting location to Mt. Airy. But what will this mean for those without cars?